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Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus ancient city is located on the Selcuk, Izmir. Before the 10th century, the city was founded by Greeks which was close to Ionia. The fame of this city comes from the Temple of Artemis (Diana) at the first stage because Artemis was worshiped to city this. Also it is one of the seven wonders of the world.

You can see both Greek and Roman ruins. Chronologically, after the Neolithic Age, Greek immigrants lived there. In the Hellenistic Age, there are some well-preserved columns and ruins that can be seen. After them, Roman conqueror Augustus lived at Ephesus which was the primetime of the city.

You are going to see Celsus Library, Bouleuterion, Temple of Hadrian, Temple of Domitian, Theatre, Hercules Gate, Latrines, and Fountain of Trajan. However, if you want to make your tour more detailed you also can add House of the Virgin Mary, Basilica of St. John and Terrace Houses (at the inside of the Ephesus City).

After the tour as the guest request, we can stop at the Leather, Carpet or Jewelry shops. It depends on your desires. You would like to see the shows.

This whole 5 hours-long tour will make your holiday more enjoyable. Besides Gezenthi Travel tours and operations are 99% flawless so you do not worry about any issues.

If you are into Bible, you should look at the biblical tours. Because for example, Ephesus is one of the Seven Churches of Revelation. All of them are located on the western side of Turkey. St. John wrote his Gospel at Ephesus. Also, that’s why Ephesus is a good spot for Christianity, except for the Virgin Mary House.

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