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tire of smyrna


Tire is a rural district in the south of İzmir whose physical features are made up by the alluvial plain of the Cayster River in the north and the mountains that separate this plain from the parallel alluvial valley of the Büyük Menderes River in the south, thus the main income of the town is agriculture. 

Although it is unknown when it was founded, it is known to have had a relative importance under the Lydian rule, when it was called Tyyrha. As it laid on the trade routes between the capital of Lydia and Ephesus, it grew larger and larger every decade. Called Theíra in the Roman period, the town maintained its distinguished position. It went under the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the early 15th century and housed a large Jewish population during that era. 

Tire was home to the Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain and Portugal at the end of the 15th century. In fact, the Jews who were invited to the Ottoman Empire during this period were settled in Tire and Manisa, not in İzmir. Despite having a significant Jewish population in the 16th century, Jews from places such as Tire, Manisa, Thessaloniki and the Aegean Islands moved to İzmir due to the increased commercial activities with the development of the harbour of İzmir in the 17th century. However, in the records of 1908 it is suggested that Tire housed 2 different synagogues.

  • What was the name of Tire under the Lydian rule?

In the Lydian period the city was called Tyyrha.

  • Where is Tire located?

Tire is located in the south of Izmir province in the western Türkiye.

  • Why did Tire have a large Jewish population?

The Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain and Portugal at the end of the 15th century were invited to the Ottoman Empire and were settled in Tire and Manisa.

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