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The neighborhoods of Izmir

The neighborhoods of Izmir

There isn’t enough info concerning the neighborhoods that were shaped when religious/ethnic segmentation: The neighborhood inhabited by the French and Greek be the boundary and includes several outlets, warehouses, and cafes. The Armenian neighborhood is up ahead.

The Turkish quarter covers the complete higher region of town and therefore the western slope of Pagos Hill. The Jews sleep in a tiny low space between the Turkish and Armenian neighborhoods. (1840/262-263) the most effective info concerning the neighborhoods in port is mentioned within the 1895 guide: “Non-Muslim port, because it is named by the Turks, is split into five quarters that area unit alike.

The Muslim quarter is well distinguished with its white minarets and black cypress trees that rise between the minarets. the home area unit off from the ocean and area unit aligned aspect by aspect on the outskirts of the mountain and most have balconies with an excellent read. The streets area unit slim and windows and roofs protrude outward.

The neighborhood near the shore is additional trendy and includes a brand new jail, the governor’s mansion, barracks, and a high school. The Judaic quarter stretches between the Turkish, Armenian, and Greek neighborhoods. this can be the city’s poorest half and although renovations are created in recent years it’s poor and overpopulated.

The Armenian neighborhood is next to the Greek neighborhood. The Greek quarter is between the Armenian quarter and French Street and it’s a fashionable neighborhood. although the Greek United Nations agency lives here don’t mingle with the opposite races, they’ll sleep in alternative neighborhoods.

The French Avenue is settled by Greeks and Europeans. The definite separation between neighborhoods within the lower elements of town is clearly visible. the EU neighborhood stretches all the means from S. Photini Church to Punto on the boundary.” (1895/70).

Izmir in 19 century

Izmir in 19th-century travel guides elements concerning port in guides begins with a way to get to the port. The neighborhoods of the port, its streets, amusement culture, antique ruins, museums, and travel routes around the town area unit different data contained in 19th-century travel guides.

In the nineteenth century, traveling was a privilege solely enjoyed by the center and class. Setting aside those that had to travel for work, a protracted journey was one thing the general public couldn’t afford. In fact, travel was seen as a part of education and even then it absolutely was a luxury. the commercial Revolution modified everything; the center category became stronger and began participating in activities that were solely reserved for the wealthy within the past. the most consider the event of travel was the advance in transportation technologies.


Once ships connected to the land and railways advanced, the notion of travel modified dramatically and have become additional positive and democratic, as Reinhold Schiffer expressed. within the 1840s, an associate enterpriser by the name of Thomas Cook started organizing package tours for middle-class those that had restricted time and cash.

Cook offered low-quality accommodation and services compared to the services offered to the wealthy. However, vacations were additionally organized. Mass commercial enterprise had begun. throughout this transition, the necessity for travelers to assemble data concerning the places they needed to go to gave thanks to replacement literature; travel guides.

Travel guides began to be printed in the middle nineteenth century and also the most intensive guides throughout now were the guides printed by the Murray House in GB. Murray’s 1st guide that has port was printed in 1840. The travel guide, which was known as, “A Hand-Book for Travelers within the Ionian Islands, Greece, Turkey, Asia Minor, and Constantinople” is additionally the primary guide in gear towards the Ottoman geographics. The guide that enclosed port was revived in 1845, 1854, 1878, and 1895.

The Murray guides begin with necessary data concerning the region below the title “General Look”. data like climate, currency, measurements employed in horse dealing, holidays, and carnivals area unit mentioned during this section. Then, the country is represented in numerous sections. Attraction points area unit divided into routes and every route is connected.

Izmir in 19th-century in travel guides elements concerning urban center in guides begins with the way to get to urban center.

Travelers from the European nation United Nations agency wished to achieve urban center and its neighborhood within the 1840s had to catch the ships from Marseilles to Malta 3 times a month. Passengers United Nations agency transfer to a different ship from Malta to Siros should board a ship to Stamboul or urban center from Siros. The ships that reached urban center Bay would anchor aloof from the pier and guests would return toward land with rowboats. the most effective building at that point is that the nice Smyrna building.

For the most effective ocean read, the building to decide on is the Navy building on the dock. different recommended facilities area unit the guesthouses of Rosa, Marco, and Madam Maracem. The guide printed in 1854 names building des Deux Augustes the most effective building within the town. The developments in ship technologies, the rise in travelers, and Izmir’s quality within the 1890s had created access to the town easier. currently their area unit numerous ships that visit the urban center monthly.

As of 1875, ships will currently dock at the shore once the Kordon constructed. However, since the bounds are crammed with ships, passengers return toward land victimization rowboats.

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