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mosque of sadirvanalti

Mosque of Sadirvanalti

Şadırvanaltı house of worship is found within the Şadırvanalti neighborhood within the market. it’s mentioned as Ulucami and Niflizade house of worship in Katip Çelebi’s book and as Bıyıklıoğlu house of worship in Evliya Çelebi’s Seyahatname.

The name of the house of worship was registered as Şadırvan house of worship between seventeenth and nineteenth-century foundation documents and belongs to the Kanuni grand Turk Süleyman Foundation.

The historical epigraph that Evliya Çelebi states mention an individual named Mahmud doesn’t exist these days. From the restoration epigraph on top of the window on the left facet of the door that results in the most space, we all know that the house of worship was desolate throughout a handful of fires and restored.

The mosque, which was mounted in 1883, maybe a baroque and empirical structure with its design and decorations. there’s a fountain within the west of the house of worship, a library on top of it associate degreed a workplace next there to.

The epigraph within the library is dated 1250 (1834-35) and states that the workplace was designed on this date. Built as a 2 story structure
The structure, which doesn’t have a curtilage, was designed as a 2 story structure as a result of it’s situated in an exceedingly busy trade space. On the primary floor, there’s a market that features varied retailers. Evliya Çelebi states that these were spice retailers.

The initial congregation door on the northern exterior was blocked presently and retailers were added to the current section. So, access to the masjid is via the steps within the west. The masjid encompasses a central planned outer curtilage and therefore the last congregation space that surrounds the curtilage within the north and west. The mass space, which is supported by cut stone ranks and divided by low spherical arches, is roofed by reflected vaults and has spherical arched windows.

The outer cartilage is planned and is roofed by an oversized dome. There square measure lovely decorations on the rim of the dome that is jazzed up by partitions on the skin. This rounded volume was enlarged by clubs lined with reflected vaults. On the lower floor, solely the unit within the southwest is roofed with a dome. The columns that carry the spherical arches within the mass space square measure short and have herb formed hybrid heads.

The arches on the east, west, and northern walls square measure supported by inbuilt columns. The ribbed plasters between the 2 floors have resulted in decorations on arches and vaults with fringes. The mass space on the second floor has associated iron railing within the form of vegetation. The double rows of arches that carry the mass space were continuing on the western wall. The harim is lighted with spherical windows in four rows. The walls of the harim square measure divided with fringes and cornices and a few of the windows were enriched with seasoning compositions on arches.

Most of those compositions square measure adorned with golden stars. when the writing on the middle of the dome, the inner part of the dome that is split into perpendicular lines and window frames on the lowest square measure adorned with pencil works portrayal seasoning compositions. There square measure bouquet compositions on the window ceilings and within the arches.

Acanthus leaves and roses
The altar, that is found within a giant arch, features a semi-circle niche deckled by a faux marble column that stands on high pedestals. each side of the niche ar deckled by a composition that consists of bouquets and leaf motifs.

There are massive bouquet compositions within 2 vases on each side of the columns that border the niche. there’s a gold plated epigraph within the middle of the composition on the massive arch on prime of a blueness background. The marble dais is adorned with C curls, herbaceous plant leaves, and roses. There are little variations between the 2 surfaces. Flag and curtain motifs are on the arch. there’s a giant medallion on the mirror. there’s a 3 line gold plated epigraph adorned with herbaceous plant leaves on top of the spherical arched door.

There are herbaceous plant leaves and rose motifs on the arched closet that stand on the columns. A prayer is inscribed on top of the arch on the front exterior. The marble preaching table stands on a column-like pedestal and has railings with serious decorations. The mosque’s cut stone tower was mounted in 1941. The tower is accessed via a door within the south and a balcony. The body of the tower stands on top of sq. cut pedestals and is cylindrical. the highest portion of the tower is oval and its cone is roofed in a light-emitting diode.

Panoramas in frescoes
The house of God has 2 fountains. The fountain within the north is little and therefore the one within the west is huge. the larger fountain was restored in 1250 in conjunction with the library on top of it and a rounded structure was more between the house of God and therefore the fountain. There area unit frescoes of assorted panoramas within the overhang of vaults and arches. The fountain has spherical arches that area unit supported by eight columns. The low dome that covers the fountain is adorned with paintings of panoramas.

Within the past, there was AN epigraph on the lower part of the fountain that was later replaced by AN epigraph created with yellow painting. The library on top of it’s a structure that’s supported by consoles with little arches. The library, which is roofed with a dome, has AN octangular arrangement.

There area unit windows on its walls in intervals. AN L-shaped stair results in the library and therefore the house of God.

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