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Izmir Tourist Places

Izmir Tourist Places

Izmir tourist places will find that the best way to sightsee in Izmir is to simply take a walk around the city center and the Konak Square, as well as the waterfront Kordon and the coast, where some very pleasant natural beaches await. For impressive views, take a ride on the Ascensor elevator, or onboard one of the popular Teleferic cable cars.

Family attractions in the city are plentiful within the Culture Park and include the city’s zoo, while the Izmir Bird’s Paradise within the Cigli area is also likely to be of interest. More information about Izmir Tourist Attractions. Photo of the Foca beach front Izmir is a truly historical Turkish city and although a devastating fire in 1922 resulted in the loss of some splendid buildings, there are still countless landmarks of significance, such as the unusual oriental Clock Tower on Konak Square. Also of note in Izmir is the rather elevated Kadifekale Castle and the numerous Jewish synagogues. However, it is the awesome Agora of Smyrna that serves as the main drawcard, a Roman marketplace where Colonnades of tall stone Corinthian columns can still be found standing. The Agora of Smyrna really is a ‘must-see’ and lies

off the Anafartalar Caddesi.

More information about Izmir Landmarks and Monuments.

Izmir Tourist Place; Picture of central Clock Tower There is a number of extremely impressive museums spread around Izmir, offering information about subject matters such as archaeology, ethnography, and commercial history. The Ataturk Museum remembers the life of Turkey’s official founder (Mustafa Kemal Ataturk) and features a host of personal effects. If you favor the world of art, then Izmir’s Culture Park is the place to head, being home to both the Museum of Art and History and the Museum of Arts and Sculpture, which houses a mixture of Turkish paintings, ceramics, and sculptures. More information about Izmir Museums and Izmir Art Galleries.

Central view, showing prominent statue Izmir Province deserves to be explored and in particular, many enticing day trips present themselves along the coast of the Aegean Sea. Especially nearby is Bodrum, which boasts an attractive combination of beaches and history. Cesme is just 30 minutes from Izmir and known for its windsurfing and stunning coastal views. You may also like to consider longer excursions from Izmir to leading Turkish cities, such as Ankara, Antalya, and Istanbul, where mosques, temples, and basilicas await. In particular, the rather overwhelming Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is quite enormous and features literally thousands of shops and stalls. More information about Izmir Attractions Nearby.

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