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Izmir Tour (New)

Izmir Tour (New)

At the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar

We Control Vehicle Transmission. We aim to reduce car usage by establishing a fast and comfortable public transportation system in the center. By limiting the entry of motor vehicles we are delivering the historic bazaar entirely on SPORTS.

Historic Bazaar; The streets on the map between 10: 30-17: 30 hours will only be open for pedestrian access.


* Entrances and exits to the pedestrian zone will be monitored by barriers. Control of the barriers will be carried out by İzmir Transportation Center (İZUM).

* Thanks to the movable barrier system that reads the license plate, the streets will belong to the middle of the day; motor vehicles will only be able to enter and exit at defined time intervals.

* Special communication systems and emergency intervention vehicles such as fire brigade – ambulance via cameras will be able to serve comfortably on demand.

* The maximum speed limit for motor vehicles in the area is set at 20 km.

* In the time zone where motor vehicle traffic is prohibited, goods entering and leaving the commercial areas, etc. requirements can be provided by hand trucks, cargo bikes, and electric vehicles. In the open hours of traffic, commercial vehicles may only be allowed to transport up to 3 tons in the license.

* All loading and unloading operations to be carried out in the area shall be carriedout in open time zones of the zone. The loading and unloading operations to be performed in the time zone when the zone is closed to traffic shall be carried out only at the points determined at the boundaries of the pedestrian zone. The historic ‘KEMERALTI BAZAAR’ has a priority circulation to the pedestrian…

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