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Cesme What You Do

Cesme What You Do?

What to do in Cesme?

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when thinking of Cesme in Turkey isprobably its castle. Cesme (or Çeşme in Turkish) is located very close to the Greekisland of Chios and has a prominent and restored fortress to testify to its glorious past. Itis one of the main attractions of this city popular with day-trippers from both Izmir and Chios. Not to worry if you’re not into fortresses, glorious pasts, or anything historical;you’ll have plenty more to see and do during your day in Cesme.

How far is Cesme from Izmir ?

The distance from Izmir to Cesme is 74 kilometers.

How long road from Izmir to Cesme?

Especially, we have highway between Izmir and Cesme. And we can take the roadapprox. by 1 hour.

Any access to sea? Yes, Cesme is a peninsula. As 3 sides we have an Aegean Sea. And inside of Cesme,we have a lot of sand beach for enter to sea.

Are there lunch options in Cesme?

There are many restaurant and buffet where makes street foods in Cesme or Alacati. In Alacati, the prices are more expensive than Cesme. Our favorite street food is Kumru (as like a sandwich) There are many sausage and cheese inside.

Any kind of tour for Cesme?

Of course, we have many tour options for Cesme. But especially, the guests choose hiring driver and car. Take their time, as 2 hours on the beach, 1 hour in Alacati town, 1 hour in Cesme centrum and 2 hours more time for the other beach. As like they can smell beauties of Cesme and Aegean Sea. You have a lot of time for take a sun also. You’ll be bronzed. Any opening or closing time?

We haven’t any time mentioned, but when the summertime, we suggest to guests early of morning as 08.00 for pick up and until 17.00 as like a turn back time from Cesme to Izmir. You’ll be in Izmir approx. 18.00.

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